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Follow these instructions to install the ChickHEN exploit on your PS Vita.

PS Vita Roms Exploit

1. Turn off your PS Vita and attach the power adapter. Allow it to charge. The SONY PlayStation Vita should be charged at least 50% before you can continue hacking.
2. Now turn the PS Vita on and the LED light should be GREEN. Go over to the Settings tab and scroll to the System Settings then press “x”. Inside the System Settings scroll down and select the “Format Memory Stick”.
3. You need the official Firmware 5.03 update on your PSV so download and update it on your PSVita. After updating, connect a USB cable on your PS Vita to your PC and initiate USB Mode.
4. After copying the 5.03 firmware update to your SONY PlayStation Vita “Game” folder, disconnect the USB cable and go to the game tab on your PSV. Select Memory stick then click update. Allow your PS Vita to update then it will restart.
5. You can now download the ChickHEN hack from the internet. Reconect the USB cable to your PSV and follow the instructions. Open the folder and then copy the “h.bin” file to your memory stick. You will see a folder named “PHAT” on the ChickHEN folder and copy the “eggsploit.tiff”. Paste this file on the Photo folder of your PSVita.
6. Now disconnect the USB Cable and go over to the Photo folder and press the “x” button. Toggle down and select memory stick and initiate the “eggsploit.tiff” file. This will make the PSV screen flash green then restart. The Custom firmware is now fully installed on your PS Vita system and has the ability to play homebrew applications.

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PSV hacker and modder Forum.

A lot of homebrew games are available at the internet. Through many communities and forums, a lot of games are made available on your PSV. Make sure that the games you play on your SONY PlayStation Vita are virus-free and can be played on your custom firmware.


There are many types of games that you can play on your PS Vita through custom firmware. The ISO, CSO, and PBP or commonly called EBOOT files. You can copy the games in the right folder and play them without bugs or errors, given that your custom firmware comes without it as well. Don’t forget to say thanks to your developers!